The Association of the Innovation Center of Electronics has been founded during the privatization of the state enterprise TESLA VUST ( TESLA Research Institute for Radiocommunications) in Prague in 1993 as a free assembly of physical and juridical entities. Apart from several physical members it assembles almost twenty companies interested in research, development and production in electronics and related branches. Most of them has been arised from the former research groups of TESLA VUST and some of them are resident in its site up to now.

A great part of TESLA VUST employees moved to these private companies. The companies have rented rooms and laboratories including equipment for their research and development. In many cases they substituted the collapsing Czech electronic industry by their small-series production of devices, special services and production of spare components for various older machines.

The companies rely not only on knowledge and experience of their employees gained during their previous work but they are also fully adopted to the last changes of electronic market both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Their entrepreneurial and contractor projects were partly based on special technologies developed and supported in the former Institute. With respect to the area of companies` activities and namely to the high level of risks of their HI-TECH technologies,it was necessary to provide for these companies the suitable special starting conditions. A good informal cooperation among the companies has began to develop and it was already possible to notice the synergic effect.

To continue these trends started before, it has seemed to be suitable to establish a scientific and technological park INCEL PRAHA at the site of the state enterprise TESLA VUST. In order to support this, the Association of the Innovation Center of Electronics has been founded. Association has proposed and asserted several versions of privatization. Despite a great effort our scientific and technological park was not instituted and the site of the former Institute was privatized in public competition by selling to the private developer. Most of our private R&D companies had to leave this site. Their cooperation in new places in spite of all that is still going on and the Association has found its main role in support of their cooperation under new conditions. The idea of the scientific and technological park INCEL PRAHA has still not been leaved.



The Association cooperates closely with the Association of Innovation Entrepreneurship of the Czech Republic, the Association of Research Organizations and the Association of Scientific and Technological Parks.


The highest body of the Association is the General Assembly. The Committee is an executive body of the Association in between the meetings of the General Assembly. The committee is directed by the chairman of the Association. The committee is also electing its vicechairman and secretary.

The income of the Association consists of the member allowances, payments for own services and possible gifts or subvences.


The Association of the Innovation Center of Electronics first of all intends to support optimal utilization of the creative potential of research and developmental workers of innovation companies founded during the transformation of the greatest electrotechnic and electronic research institute in the former Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. It knows that absence of R"D support results in economical backwarding of our country.

For this reason it declares its goal to help in R"D activities to all innovation companies focused on electronics and related branches.

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